Again, Skinny + Salt Beat gifts … and I’ve seen the WILL FERRELL again!

I have some important things to share with you.

Most important of all, I saw the announcer 2 last night and will FERRELL came to THE THEATER.

I’ve done stupid Super ticket and I am so, so glad I did.

201312162315 Get Skinny Again + Soli Beat Giveaways...and I SAW WILL FERRELL AGAIN!

It is among the worst-quality photos, I never post on my blog, but I was so close to him, that I was able to get in the same frame. Steve Carell also was there, that was really cool, but I barely noticed him because I was too busy staring at Mr. Ferrell. People shouted that his lines on it, which was hilarious and awesome and made me feel that I was among my people. Steve Carell said “I LOVE lamp.” Of flesh and bone. About 20 meters from me. I yelled, “I’m in a glass case of emotion” in my head, but I don’t think that I am in favour of. Even if it cannot be sure.

I’M DYING OF HAPPINESS. As for the movie itself, I won’t ruin anything, but I will say this: 95% of it was hilarious, but some terrible, terrible racist stuff that I’m shocked made it all the way through production and into the film.

Sarah Fit “skinny” book giveaway

201312162324 Get Skinny Again + Soli Beat Giveaways...and I SAW WILL FERRELL AGAIN!

My friend Sarah from the Sarah Fit that comes with her first book. I am so, so proud of this girl. He works her ass.

Due to the fact that I know that some of you will have problems with the name.Sarah tells you herself that she didn’t choose it. Unfortunately, the skinny is what sells.

The book is focused on women, who were former high school or college athletes and I have no idea what to do with themselves to stay fit and healthy, if you do not have trainer or organized team telling them what to do. As the man who played in high school and then became a University beer pong athlete in high school, I strongly identify with and I really I discovered fitness and a healthy lifestyle a lot earlier than I did. Shares of exercise, healthy recipes and tips for navigating the social situation and remain in your healthy goals.

Read on, because I have a copy of your book for one of you to win.

Another one of my buddies blog, Gina from the Fitnessista has come out with its own workout DVD.

I love her and I’m very proud of her, but I won’t even pretend that I know how to dance. Like, even a little.

201312162344 Get Skinny Again + Soli Beat Giveaways...and I SAW WILL FERRELL AGAIN!

I tried to take my classes on healthy living Summit a few years ago, and I had three left feet.

But the woman knows how to get rid of her, and dance can be a great way to get your cardio in. ..if you do not have the three legs as I do.

I have one DVD to give away, too! And the coin belt, which is apparently what you wear whenicon smile Get Skinny Again + Soli Beat Giveaways...and I SAW WILL FERRELL AGAIN!

For a chance to win either a book or DVD, Sarah, Gina, leave a comment telling me what you want, you could tell your younger self to live a healthy life, or your favorite exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise at all – and whether you want to book or DVD. This giveaway will end on Wednesday. December at noon EST.

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