#1 Killer brushing can prevent America’s

By Janis Jibrin m.s., r.d., best life lead nutritionist

For years, scientists have known that periodontal disease increases the risk of heart disease. Now, a new study in the journal of the American Heart Association shows that if you take care of your gums an important risk factor for heart disease and strokecan reduce.

brush teeth

A team of researchers led by Columbia University in New York examined the mouths of 420 in the middle ages men and women for periodontal disease. (Periodontitis is caused when moving bacterial plaque on the tooth in the gum tissue, causing inflammation. Thus gums may pull away from the teeth, “Bags”, which are infected with bacteria that cause and eventually lead to tooth loss.) Researchers gum bacterial samples collected and used ultrasound to measure the thickness of the carotid arteries that supply the brain with blood. Arteria Dicke is a marker for stroke and cardiovascular disease; If the carotid arteries with plaque clogged, you can bet that the coronary arteries, which are leading as well as obstructions to the heart.

Three years later, people improve their oral health (read: they had fewer bacteria associated with cardiovascular disease in the mouth) had much slower thickening than those whose parodontitis was left worse or equal of the carotid artery. It needs to have not much plaque became disastrous. The image: an increase of the carotid artery thickness 0.033 mm per year doubled the risk of heart disease and heart attack. In this study, people with gum, which worsened, developed on average an increase of 0.1 mm, i.e., their heart disease risk shot up sixfold.

How does your mouth your arteries? The inflammatory compounds, appear published by oral bacteria to travel to arteries. Arterial plaque is thrown if inflammatory links to immune cells cause deposit substances, and, in the process, that build in table.

The best defense against the bacteria that cause periodontal disease and ultimately heart failure: twice a day, flossing daily clean,and regular dental checkups. Think you’re safe, because the good news got you by your dentist? Nothing is too loose. The Columbia study saw people whose “bad” mouth-bacteria levels rose within three years, but not enough to qualify as a periodontal disease, increased thickening of the carotid artery. And of course, a balanced diet (like the best life diet) and adequate vitamin D and calcium helps your teeth, to maintain healthy gums and heart.

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17 Dec 2013

View the original article here


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