Thanksgivukkah means latkes for all! Celebrate a meal and a game with Elana

Meet someone who seems to speak not only my language about life in General, but speaks fluently the language of my food. Elana Horwich doing her thing with food and words over at, fun cooking school serving as a Web presence for this secular Chief. Rustic Italian techniques, prioritized aroma and a lovable Sass… see Elana as my culinary soul mate.

It was somehow the enthusiasm to this rare two holidays in one so good that we wanted, that it to say for themselves. So enjoy Elanas Thanksgivukkah message, which is so much a lesson in our diverse, multi cultured landscape embrace, as it’s a free invitation to down on her Thanksgivukkah latkes with butternut Chutneyto devour.

Why did you start your food blog?

Before I Cook, I am a teacher. It is intrinsic who I am. Because I really think that cooking with love real quality human existence and since I personally only so many people at the same time in a cooking class teaching can, I started my food blog, my passion and know the parts I never have to take a chance going. It is my gift to the world.

How would you describe your approach to food and health?

My definition of good food is that you roll it on the ground, that scream “MAMMMMMMAAAAA!” While you’re rolling on the floor belly should not hurt itself, and it should be easy, then get up. That is about it.

elana horwich

You had always been an interest food healthy?

I have been obliged to eat, for almost 20 years. My body works well otherwise; She is a sensitive creature. As a result, I had to diet. Work for the best!

What is use your favorite­ of a pair of favorite­ ingredients in the kitchen?

Extra virgin olive oil. My experience, which has life in Italy taught that it is important me, good taste and simply put, not enough Americans use in their kitchen.

Tamari­ wheat-free soy sauce. ­ I love a lot of my food to a hint of umami (sweet / salt) a touch of Tamari or good soy sauce added. A few drops on sautéed mushrooms and thyme, tends to mix flavors together, without any sense of Asian cuisine in warm quinoa Roasted Salmon with my lettuces. It’s my little secret.

Three recipes that I will share with you

Tuscan Garden Grove Brussels sprouts

Fortune lentil soup

Mini flourless chocolate cake

eggplant parmesan mealspiel

Favorite recipe so far

Roberto’s Eggplant Parmigiana

It was a typically heavy Court to make something easy and tasty. Also ideal for a make­-ahead dinner party.

Has blogging changed how you eat and see cooking?

No. Should it? My information about cooking comes from the food itself. It is a communication. The result of ‘Magic’ is that what I share online. I make you worry what other bloggers do. We all need different teacher and many of them. I’m just glad if others find their way to help, what I do.

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Pictures about Elana Horwich

28 November 2013

View the original article here


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