No more “new year, new you’ broken promises.” Want to, be SMART about your resolutions

I’m not a big fan of new year’s resolutions. I think it is important to set a target, if it makes sense to do, not based on a random date in the calendar. Not everyone is ready to change their lives, on the 1. But I also get caught up in the frenzy of the renewal and the excitement that comes with the change of the calendar.

According to, weight is to lose one of the top of the decisions made and broken. Why? As we pin our hopes on a result we do not directly control. We are frustrated when the scale does not stir and we give up. We forget the other advantages that can bring healthy weight-loss strategies.

resolutions resolutions

The scale is actually the worst judge on our progress in our fitness journey. I have customers, the 1-2 decreased sizes, changed only a pound or two during the scale in the process. Not only have their change, they began also feel, all the other benefits of focusing on fitness (and not, they weigh how much).

This year instead of the big “new year, new me” Proclamation, you shall go there at the same time a step. I want to give you a solution to tap the SMART (specific measureable, Grenzwertigem, related, time-based) and focus on improving your health is not pounds lost. If you focus on the right things for your body get is it often in your form show up. Also, you feel better by focusing on the things you can control. Here are some ideas, to help you get started.

Give up soda: to consume Cola daily people, Harvard School of Public Health, the 1-2 doses, according to the 26% are more likely to type-2 diabetes to develop. You don’t go from only one withdrawal, but target first a week (or a day if you are a heavy user).

Sign up for a 5 K: We often forget the time-based part of the SMART goal. If your goal is it home for the, a 5 K for at least 8 weeks outward (or later, if you not from the cold fan) and sign up.

Eat breakfast everyday: Studies show that eating breakfast every day not only is the key to weight loss and weight maintenance , but it also improves concentration and gives you more strength and endurance for exercise.

Journal the food every day: put your eating habits in black and white (or an app) awareness helps you to gain your eating habits. You will long between meals or drink your calories? Maybe you’re not getting enough to eat? Their decisions reflect and make adjustments, if not your destination healthy and fit fit life.

To train strength 2 days per week: Cardio is “Go” for fat loss, but it’s really , which helps you, strength training build the curves that you want.Hire a personal trainer to show you good shape and develop a routine for your body and work goals. Measure your progress in the length of time, you can a plank or can put pressure on UPS!

These can be basic seems. In fact, they are. A solid foundation is necessary for all to be built to last. It’s not that I think that you are no longer able. I think that you do, with which you can your opinion. But I will go all to you, as many do, then burn out. Small steps lead to big and lasting changes in the course of time. A new you not come over night, it comes with the consistency.


What is your first step to a new in the new year? Tweet your answer @DietsInReview.

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December 18, 2013

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