Reasons Why You Should Love Being Single

In the society we live in today, the identity of many women are often attached to marriage and family. In this couple-driven consumer marketing society, you will eventually, if you still have not, find people who would wonder why you are still single. It would come to a point when they would make you feel that there is some wrong with you. Fret not and just ignore them. Just like how being in a relationship has its boons, being single has its advantages too.

116 being single

Being single does not mean being lonely. This just means that you have more time for yourself and for the people around you. When some people are in a relationship, they tend to devote most of their time for their special someone. This would result to failure to spend quality time with your friends and family. Going to movies with friends, spending much time with family at home, or doing things and going wherever alone is often ignored. If you are currently single, take this time to do the things you would love to do alone and to spend quality time with friends and family.

When you are single, you will have more time to do a variety of things. You are able to go to places you want to go to. You are free to do things you cannot do when you have someone with you. You can eat that whole pizza all by yourself. Also, you are free and will be more comfortable to meet new people that would lead to new acquaintances or long term friendships. This is an opportunity to make meaningful friendships and enriching the existing ones.

If you are not in a relationship with someone, you have the privilege to choose not to compromise. When you are with someone, in order to make the relationship work, it is essential to sacrifice or compromise. If you have been in a relationship before, you may have realized that in order to keep that relationship work out, you had to give up a lot of stuff.  Being single means you do not have to. You can just eat whatever you want to eat without having to think if your partner would also want it. You can just go to places you would want to go without having to think twice because your partner does not want to. A relationship can add many good things to your life, but it also limits you to do things without much worry. So take the time to appreciate your current flexibility and enjoy your freedom.

The bottom line is, take advantage of the time that you are single. Be sociable, go out, have fun, and meet new people. Just because there is no one in your life yet, does not mean there never will be. Take the time and do not be lonely because the right person will come at the right time.

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