3 Dating Tips That You Should Keep In Mind

015 Dating TipsThe first step in starting a romantic relationship is to go on a date. Dating is the stage wherein two people get to know each other and see for themselves if they can have a have a healthy relationship with each other. Many think that it is like a game wherein there are rules and one has to play his or her cards well so that the other person will reciprocate his or her feelings. This thinking is not entirely false but it is not true either for there is no specific set of rules for dating since one person’s thoughts, feelings and actions are different from those of another. That being said, there are still dating tips that you can keep in mind to help you have a happy dating life and here are some of these.

1. Stay True to Yourself

You may be tired of people telling you to just be yourself but this is actually the best advice that anyone can give you when you are dating. Many of us tend to show the other person this image of us that we think is likeable because we are afraid of rejection. However, you do not want to be in a relationship wherein you are pretending to be someone else just so the other person will like you. You may be okay with it in the first few months but you will eventually get tired of not showing your true self and you will be unhappy. That is why even from the start, you should let him or her see who you really are and find out if he or she accepts you. If not, then he or she is not the right one for you and you should move one and look for that someone who will accept all the bad and the good things in you.

2. Communicate Effectively with Each Other

Good communication is very significant to having a healthy relationship. It allows for intimacy and love to grow. You should communicate clearly what you want and expect from the relationship and your partner should do the same. You should not only talk to each other about what you think and feel but both of you should also take time to listen to what the other has to say. With open communication lines, you can always come to an understanding even if you have different opinions on a subject.

3. Make It Fun and Exciting

Most relationships do not prosper because there is no fun and excitement anymore. Studies show that people want to be with someone who makes them laugh and makes them feel excited. That is why as much as possible, find ways to make your dates fun and exciting for both of you. No matter how long you have known each other, there are still some things about the other person that you do not know about. If you have done many things together already, look for new ones that both of you have not tried yet and have a good time.

These are the dating tips that you should keep in mind in order to find that someone that you want to be in a healthy relationship with.

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