3 Very Simple Dating Tips But Very Effective

190 Dating TipsAre you planning to ask your crush on a date? Asking a girl on a date is so far one of the hardest things to do for most guys. This can be a big challenge for most guys and there is also a risk of embarrassment if you get rejected. This is the thing that most guys can take, when they get rejected. But getting rejected should not discourage you in fact it should be a lesson learned because for some reason maybe you made a wrong approach. There different tactics and techniques on how to ask a girl for a date. Later we will be talking about it. When you get rejected, try to evaluate how you did it, and analyze the scenario where you got wrong. By doing this, it will help you to improve your strategy next time. Here are my three very simple dating tips but very effective.

Ask The Girl Nicely

When you are asking a girl for a date, try to be the nicest guy in the world. Don’t just come up and asking her right away. You need to get that perfect timing where she would say yes to you. Most of the time, most guys are so aggressive that they are not even aware of their actions are already offensive to the girls. Girls like it when they are ask nicely, where they will be embarrassed in front of the public. Try to look for that opportunity where she is alone like she’s walking or alone in the canteen or cafeteria, or on benches. Before you ask her for a date, try doing small talks to make her feel comfortable with you and win her trust that you don’t have any intension of hurting her.

Be Specific With The Date, Time & Place

Next, if ever the girl said yes, you need to give her the specific date, time, and place where you will meet. That is very important that you shouldn’t miss. You can either meet somewhere or pick her up in her home, politely asking her parent’s permission if possible because that will be big points for you.

Keep Your Date Simple & Interesting

Another very important factor is keeping your date simple and interesting. Your date doesn’t have to be expensive to be special it’s the memories that you will create together will make the date memorable and special. Try to talk about interesting things like her interest but don’t get too serious because it will be boring. Try to crack some jokes in the middle of conversation. But make sure that it is a wholesome joke that it won’t offend her.

If you haven’t tried this yet, I am challenging you to try it and at the end of the day, you will realize that I was right.

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