Improve Your Chances Of Getting A Date With The Girl You Like

136 How to improve chances of getting a dateFor most guys, one of the most challenging parts is to ask the girl they like for a date. Shyness, pressure, and lack of self-confidence are the most common reason why they can’t ask the girl they like for a date. But guys don’t have a choice because it’s in the tradition that normally guys are the ones asking the girl for a date and not vice versa. So, if you have problems with those three weaknesses I mentioned above, there are still ways that you can do to improve yourself. Here are the ways on how to improve chances of getting a date with the girl that you like.

Build Friendship

One of the most effective ways to get a chance of dating the girl that you like is to build friendship with her. If you are friends, you won’t have that awkward feeling towards each other. As your friendship grows, you will be more comfortable with each other. Once you are comfortable with each other, especially you with her, it will be easier for you to ask her on a date because she already trusts you. But you need to be careful because there is a risk that you might get “friend zone” at the end of the day. So don’t spend too much time building friendship with her, once you get a chance, go ahead and tell her your real feelings for her.

Be Nice To Her Friends

Another good point for guys to win a date from the girl they like is by being nice with her girl friends. When her friends like you, they would be the one to do the job for you. They will convince their friend to give you a chance to go out with you. So, be nice with her friends and that could be your weapon against her.

Look Good

Try to look good as much as you can. Of course, most girls would want to go out with someone that they can be proud of. Make sure that you are well groomed. Most girls like neat guy but not too neat that she might get confused with your gender. Be hygienic, use deodorant and brush your teeth, use perfume or cologne to catch her attention.

Be Sweet & Caring In Your Own Little Ways

Most girls also like sweet and caring guys. Each guy has his own ways of being sweet and caring. By being sweet to the girl, it’s sending her a message that she’ special for you.

I dare you to try these methods and you will see the reward of your effort, you will be enjoying the first date, as well as the second, third and so on…

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