How To Find A Girl To Date

007 Finding a girl to dateNot all guys have the same qualities, abilities, and talents. Some guys may find it easy to ask a girl for a date especially if they are good looking. But for guys who don’t have much self-confidence, asking a girl on a date is the hardest thing that they could ever do. But this article is for men who are having hard time finding a girl to date. This is a fact, not every guy maybe fortunate enough to find a girl that they can date. Aside from the less self-confidence that they have, there is also the possibility of rejections. That is what most men fear – rejection! But that is normal. Don’t feel bad if a girl rejects you. It’s not because you’re ugly or what but may be because you may not be her reference. Each girl has their own preference in guys that they want to date.

Now, is prom coming soon that’s why you are here looking for advice and tips on how to find a girl to date? The first that you need to do is to simply know what type of girl you want to date. Of course, you also have your own preference and qualities. Do you want a girl who are sporty, nerd, cheer leader, popular girls in your school, simple girls, tall, petit, dark, white, or pretty? Now, whatever your preferences are, I will leave that to you. Second, you need to have a target. Don’t just ask any girl in your school because that will make you look desperate. You need to know your target. It could be one of your classmates, or she belongs to your circle of friends. After knowing your target, you need to look for the right timing. When you are asking for a date always wait for the right timing. Make sure that she doesn’t have a bad day. And don’t directly ask her to be your date, try to create a little conversation to gain her trust and let her know that you are safe. Once you feel comfortable with her and she is with you that would be the right time to ask her.

Last, do not memorize the words that you will say to her because it could cause pressure and mental blackout. Just go with the flow, be cool and say what’s in your mind. I’m sure that you will get her big yes!

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