Natalie Campos Kuwait

Good morning!

My name is Natalie Campos and I am currently serving a 6-month deployment in Kuwait at Ali Al Salem Air Base. I was told by a fellow Airman about this opportunity and I was so excited about this. I am a Lieutenant serving my third year in the air force and absolutely love it. This is my first deployment and I SARC (sexual assault response coordinator). My job is very important for our military and I feel very blessed to have such a rewarding duty.

Back at home, I am a NPC bikini competitor, and my goal is to get my pro card one day. I heard that you have a, so you are my motivation because I had no idea about all the women in the air force had their pro cards; It is so exciting to hear:) To be gone, I want to focus on my life and improve my physical condition so I can compete when I return home:) Thanks again for this occasion and have a great week!

Natalie Campos

Editors comment: Edwin was one of our winners in the armed forces give away the challenge.

Armed Forces Giveaway


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