Damien & men’s Guide

Greetings again. I hope that I will not like it annoying fanboy or anything, but I felt that I had to send one more follow up answer.

First of all, I would like to thank you tremendously for sending me to the E-book. I greatly appreciate it, and to know that you sent me it personally means pretty much. Reading it made me think to send this e-mail because of a quote that struck a relatively deep chord in person at page 37:

The typical male will start growing lazy when you enter a relationship.

I found that going into my first serious relationship. I went from a somewhat decent, the shape of a lackadaisical person 191 “homogenized gym person” who weighed in on a sad, soft and flabby 260. I’m not happy that I allowed myself to fall that far. But I look at it as a learning experience.

Also, an employee, yesterday, said that she thought I was cute when I was … 260. That rubbed me the wrong way. I could never understand even get comfortable in this ever again. For me means to fulfill someone else’s standard. I would get rid of me to tread this path again. Fuck that in laymens terms.

Sorry, I had to curse. Because that’s how ridiculous her thinking.

I also wanted to use this message as a way to send you some pictures to show you how much you have impacted my life (I hope they all send properly). As I mentioned in my previous message, I cannot imagine my eating otherwise; any other way would be utter blasphemy. I don’t miss the bread, refined sugar, milk or even pizza. For the love of God I swore up and down that I would never give up pizza. But given how a mini personal pizza, a healthier twist on order with sliced tomatoes, no sauce, parmesian cheese and whole wheat dough, put me to sleep for four hours and bloat me up 5 pounds the next day. Never again.

I think I look at things differently. Why waste all the results from all the hard work that you choose to participate? To have a cheat meal, almond butter that just make you’re swell up two pounds afterward incomprehensible to me anymore. Pizza is out of the question. Monks disgusts me. A bubblegum ball nauseates me. I could eat Baker’s chocolate by the bite. I drink my coffee black. I chew too caffeine pills. That “che-cock” sound of a soft drinks can open up is, quite frankly, annoying. I can’t imagine even drink alcohol ever again: a recent wine tasting event a month and a half ago bloat me up three pounds from two and a half glasses worth sampling. And I don’t like the stupid effect of being a little drunk. I also mocked Fellow participants eat cheese, white Italian bread bites and salamiwith wine. WHYYYYYYY?!?

Most people would say I’m nuts. I’m fine with this.

I mention all this because of your views on the food and how it really has made a difference for me and the quality of my training (which is literally insane). I now always striving to do better and are always looking to see what I currently consume needs to improve. I would also like to kill the gym daily, even if I have a bad day. I do not care. I have to get it done.

With that said, I would like to finish this all out with four pictures, I hope you don’t mind. I was never really satisfied with my physics because I could never lock my diet. It was a period where I was a content-191, but I was far from the form that I am right now. Titles speak for themselves. 195 in September this year is my last photo. That right there is the embodiment of hard work, consistency and of course your dieting ideals based off of your own Fighter Diet extreme E-book. It’s my standard!

I hope this message finds you well and I hope you find time to read it as a lot of energy was put into it, just based on the fact that (A): I’m excited to actually exchanging words with you and (B): you have made a difference for me just like Arnold did back 14 years ago. I am also very passionate about fitness and love everything about it. Again, thanks so much for all of your words that helped me find my way. I guess I will regularly keep in touch with the progress if it is OK with you.

Have a wonderful holiday and keep fighting this damn good fight.



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