Devin Alexander lost 70 pounds and was a bestselling cookbook author

Today cookbook author, Devin Alexander, discuses their inspiring true weight-loss story. Turned to the fight with loss at a young age, Devin on food for comfort. They remained overweight, until she learned that cut a small amount of calories that can add a great loss. Below, Devin, says more about their struggle, the epiphany that changed their perspective and how she use what, they learned to help others

Devin Alexander Collage

Announcementsme, if your weight began fighting:I was about 8, began my struggles in a way that you could see it on me, but I remember, five whole hot dogs with buns at a church picnic food, when I was 6 or 7. With the time, when I was a teenager, I was brutally bullied and had a really hard time.  I had the cheerleaders in the little league were then got chubby from Jr. high and didn’t make the team, but all my friends have.  I wanted to be back in the team, but I was only getting firmer. All my former friends were busy, reading practice and games, and I don’t.

Specifically habits leading you to gain weight?I had experienced loss as a child, and the fear of the other in my area also unexpectedly die could I had to eat for comfort.  Then, after getting a bit chubby, I no longer around as a cheerleader or otherwise actively – jumped above all because it is simply not funny, if one is heavier.  Once screwed things out of control, I didn’t know how to fix it. I felt overwhelmed.

What causes to recognize you, you had to change?I started, overweight modeling and I got so tired of hearing “You have such a pretty face.” I either had never really have much energy and was a bit of a bookworm. The light bulb for me he has learned that all you have to do is cut 100 calories per day and you can lose 10 pounds in a year.  Had to know a lot about calories trying every fad diet of 8-15, I suddenly turned weight loss in a game. I finally realized that the food was not the enemy, and I started being creative cut calories.

What diet and exercise methods do you employ?Personally, I find it much easier to eat healthy as to practice, but active is necessary so that I make it a priority. I try to work a part of my social life. I do a ton of walks with colleagues and friends. I have a friend who leads business meetings at a walk and people respond the same way – they love it!

You have “ah ha” moments on the way?Learning that cutting calories means, I give up all my favorite foods (or cooking, that was my favorite thing to do). Instead obsessed about calories and feeling bad, now I help others focus on healthy by focusing on the food and flavors that they love, and show them how they can have it!

Largest travelling fight?I like eating and wired to eat – even though I now know how to create it.  I am still an emotional eater and it manifests itself mostly in the night.  I would not call it a struggle because I eat little amounts of nutritious foods to appease the voice in my head, but if anyone knows how you completely to me free, I swear would your best friend for life! Someone?

Greatest triumphs?Weight loss coaching is one of the most rewarding parts of what I do. I have trained more than 225 pounds away from a person, and recently helped a man to lose 128 pounds. It feels good to help to improve. I get so many nice messages from people, to thank me for their lives to change.

Current/future goals?I have called a new food line, I would start soon, “Devinly Delites.” It is a line of muffins and pastries. I am really excited. The muffins are super healthy, low in calories and fat, and with whole grains. Most importantly, they taste really good too.

21 December 2013

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