CPL Sanchez USMC

“Sorry the lighting is so bad but I just got off work. I am currently stationed in Afghanistan and have been here for about a year.

My hand is wrapped due to a partially-broken thumb and I refused to leave early and my fellow Marines behind.

Whether I win a prize package or not, I just thought it would be a little motivational video for everyone. “NO PAIN NO GAIN”

Semper Fi

CPL Sanchez
The United States Marine Corps “

Editors comment: Edwin was one of our winners in the armed forces give away the challenge.

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Prancercise Meets Parkour in Dance Walking, a Cardio Workout That’s Actually Fun

I recently met a new friend who told me about a fun, unique cardio “class” that she attends every week called Dance Walk. This is exactly what it sounds like: a combination of dancing and walking (think Parkour meets Prancercise). Brooke Null, owner of Hooped, leads this Dance Walk group in Boulder, Colorado every Wednesday morning and she first learned about this new fitness phenomenon after seeing this video created by television reporter (and Dance Walker) Ben Aaron.

Null explained, and Aaron demonstrated, that to participate you just need to make a playlist of songs (that are fun to dance to), headphones and the inhibition to just let go. I’ll admit, I was a little nervous before my first Dance Walk experience. Would I be comfortable dancing around town in front of a bunch of strangers?

Within thirty seconds of Dance Walking, I forgot about all of those nerves and just allowed myself to let the music move me. I, along with a group of seven other men and women, danced our way around the streets of downtown Boulder for a full hour. Some people stopped and stared at us or laughed, others paid us no attention at all. Some took out their phones to take pictures or video, and almost every single person smiled. Some people even joined in for a few seconds and then went back to what they were doing.


After that first class I knew: I was hooked. Not only did I have fun, I also got a great cardio workout, laughed a lot, and brought joy to the people that I passed on the street. Admittedly, I’m a horrible dancer, but it didn’t matter. Dance Walking is about allowing yourself to move, be free and just have fun without caring what anyone else thinks. Also, dancing burns a ton of calories!

Once Brooke Null heard about people meeting up to Dance Walk in Boulder, she had to check it out and eventually found herself leading her own weekly group. There is no cost to join the group – all you need is a music playing device and a pair of headphones. Dance Walking can be done alone (although it’s more fun with a group!). It can also take place anytime and anywhere.

Brooke shared a quote from Amy Poehler with me that very much applies to Dance Walking: “There is power in looking silly and not caring what you do.”

Another great thing about Dance Walking is that it’s for everyone. You don’t have to be a good dancer or even be in great shape to participate because you can move at your own pace. Since no one else can hear the music you’re listening to, no one else can tell if you’re way off tempo or right on the beat. Dance Walking allows you to be carefree and let go of any stress and negativity that you may be holding on to, all while getting a workout you may actually enjoy!

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December 10th, 2013

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Tips For Men And Women About Improving Looks For Dates

117 Improving looks for datesImproving looks for dates is one way to help get the attention of your dates and make them become more attracted to you. How to look on a date is just among the problems of individuals who will have their first date. That is because they want to really impress their dates. As you know, first impression lasts. Once you have impressed your date the first time you went out, for sure he or she is willing to go out with you again for another date. So, what should you do in order to improve the way you look like on your date? Here are a few tips that you might want to consider.

For Boys

Most women prefer to date men that look tidy and clean. So, before you go out on a date, it is a good idea to have a haircut first and a clean shave. Keep your hair as tidy and well kept as possible. This will give your date an impression that you really gave a lot of effort and prepared for your date. When it comes to clothing, wear any clothes that will make you feel comfortable. Wearing of semi-casual clothing will already do the job. The important thing is to make yourself as presentable as you can be. When it comes to wearing of cologne, most women prefer their dates to smell good but not too strong. Though there are also some women who do not actually prefer their dates to wear any cologne. So, before you try using one, make sure that you first try to do a little research about your date and ask her what she thinks about guys wearing colognes.

For Women

Most women consume a lot of time facing the mirror and making them selves look more beautiful. But, what you think is beautiful may not be the same as what your date may think. As you know, there are some guys who prefer women wearing make ups while there are also some who prefer to see the natural beauty of their date. So, on your first date, try to avoid putting up a lot of make up. A little blush on, light face powder, and lip gloss will already do the trick. When it comes to your dress, choose those that you feel comfortable wearing and will make your beauty glow. When it comes to the color of your dress, choose from colors red, white, or black. As you know, for the eyes of men, women look more beautiful when wearing any of those colors. Of course, do not forget to wear your best perfume. How you smell will instill in the mind of your date once he likes the fragrance of your perfume.

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How To Create The Best Date Of Your Life

071 Creating the Best dateFor me, dating is one of the most exciting, thrilling, and romantic things that an individual can do. Dating itself is romantic but the romance would depend on how the date was planned. Dating someone is an n opportunity to meet other people and make new friends or to be in a relationship. But dating may have two results: dating can be a nightmare to some but a lucky thing to others. The result of the date will depend on the two individuals who are involved in the date. But mostly, the guys are the one who is leading and planning the dates. The girls would just go along whatever the guys plan for their date. Now, every guy who have ask the girl that they like for a date, they would want that date to turn out the way they have planned it. But sadly, there are times things will not happen the way you planned it. There might be something will came up that would ruin your date either will come on your end on the other party.

That’s why you have to have control in creating the best date of your life especially if you like the girl so much that you want her to like you too. Creating the best dates would require the best location where you want to bring her. Make sure that you show a lot of respect to your date. Girls love to be respected buy guys. Now, how can you create the best date of your life? There are actually some few tips that I can give you to create the best date of your life.

First, gather information about the girl like talking to her friends and take note of the things that she like and doesn’t like. Knowing a little background about the girl that you will be dating is a big factor. Second, look for a nice, decent, romantic place where you can have your romantic dinner together. Girls like to be treated special. Third, dress appropriately. Girls would really make an effort to look presentable and pretty in your eyes, so in return, you should do the same. Fourth, pick her up on her home if possible and ask for her parent’s approval and give time when you will be taking their back home. This could be one of the best things that guys can do to impress the parents of the girl and the girl herself.

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How To Find A Girl To Date

007 Finding a girl to dateNot all guys have the same qualities, abilities, and talents. Some guys may find it easy to ask a girl for a date especially if they are good looking. But for guys who don’t have much self-confidence, asking a girl on a date is the hardest thing that they could ever do. But this article is for men who are having hard time finding a girl to date. This is a fact, not every guy maybe fortunate enough to find a girl that they can date. Aside from the less self-confidence that they have, there is also the possibility of rejections. That is what most men fear – rejection! But that is normal. Don’t feel bad if a girl rejects you. It’s not because you’re ugly or what but may be because you may not be her reference. Each girl has their own preference in guys that they want to date.

Now, is prom coming soon that’s why you are here looking for advice and tips on how to find a girl to date? The first that you need to do is to simply know what type of girl you want to date. Of course, you also have your own preference and qualities. Do you want a girl who are sporty, nerd, cheer leader, popular girls in your school, simple girls, tall, petit, dark, white, or pretty? Now, whatever your preferences are, I will leave that to you. Second, you need to have a target. Don’t just ask any girl in your school because that will make you look desperate. You need to know your target. It could be one of your classmates, or she belongs to your circle of friends. After knowing your target, you need to look for the right timing. When you are asking for a date always wait for the right timing. Make sure that she doesn’t have a bad day. And don’t directly ask her to be your date, try to create a little conversation to gain her trust and let her know that you are safe. Once you feel comfortable with her and she is with you that would be the right time to ask her.

Last, do not memorize the words that you will say to her because it could cause pressure and mental blackout. Just go with the flow, be cool and say what’s in your mind. I’m sure that you will get her big yes!

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Improve Your Chances Of Getting A Date With The Girl You Like

136 How to improve chances of getting a dateFor most guys, one of the most challenging parts is to ask the girl they like for a date. Shyness, pressure, and lack of self-confidence are the most common reason why they can’t ask the girl they like for a date. But guys don’t have a choice because it’s in the tradition that normally guys are the ones asking the girl for a date and not vice versa. So, if you have problems with those three weaknesses I mentioned above, there are still ways that you can do to improve yourself. Here are the ways on how to improve chances of getting a date with the girl that you like.

Build Friendship

One of the most effective ways to get a chance of dating the girl that you like is to build friendship with her. If you are friends, you won’t have that awkward feeling towards each other. As your friendship grows, you will be more comfortable with each other. Once you are comfortable with each other, especially you with her, it will be easier for you to ask her on a date because she already trusts you. But you need to be careful because there is a risk that you might get “friend zone” at the end of the day. So don’t spend too much time building friendship with her, once you get a chance, go ahead and tell her your real feelings for her.

Be Nice To Her Friends

Another good point for guys to win a date from the girl they like is by being nice with her girl friends. When her friends like you, they would be the one to do the job for you. They will convince their friend to give you a chance to go out with you. So, be nice with her friends and that could be your weapon against her.

Look Good

Try to look good as much as you can. Of course, most girls would want to go out with someone that they can be proud of. Make sure that you are well groomed. Most girls like neat guy but not too neat that she might get confused with your gender. Be hygienic, use deodorant and brush your teeth, use perfume or cologne to catch her attention.

Be Sweet & Caring In Your Own Little Ways

Most girls also like sweet and caring guys. Each guy has his own ways of being sweet and caring. By being sweet to the girl, it’s sending her a message that she’ special for you.

I dare you to try these methods and you will see the reward of your effort, you will be enjoying the first date, as well as the second, third and so on…

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Try The Quick Diets Before A Date To Avoid Epic Failures

154 Quick diets before a dateLeaving a good first impression on you first date is maybe the top and most important rule in the dating game. A good first impression will lead to the second, third, up to the nth date until you get into a relationship and your romance blossoms. It all ends up then with you walking in the aisle and running off to live your happy every after. Thus, you should do everything you can to wow and impress your date and get him to ask for that second date. You should look and feel your best and be in the greatest shape that you can be. How would you do that? You can by knowing the ways around quick diets before a date.

Women go on diets in order to be sexier and feel good about themselves. Obviously, you do not want to look fat and bloated in the amazing dress you have spent days and days picking. You want to be in your tip- top shape when he sees you. Therefore, you should learn the quick diets before a date.

What To Have

Raw vegetables and fruits- You must eat a lot of vegetables and fruits to keep you energize. You do not want to look tired when you are talking to him over lunch or dinner. Aside from you will get vitamins, minerals and other nutrients by eating fruits and vegetables, you will also lose the extra pounds and look radiant with your fresh skin.Eggs and lean meats– You can get a lot of protein with eggs and meat and at the same time lose weight quickly. They are also good for giving you a full stomach so that you would not be craving for more food.Water– Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. It will help you in your metabolism and will moisturize your skin. Just be careful not to drink too much or you will look bloated.

What Not To Have

Processed foods– Stay away from any kind of processed food. They contain a lot of preservatives which are not good for your body and your goal of losing weight.Dairy products– These includes yogurt, cheese, non-fat milk, etc. They are difficult to digest and will make you bigger than you really are.Sodas– This is big no-no. Sodas are full of sugar which can add to your body weight and you would not want that so better stay away.

These are very simple diet tips which you can have. Try to eat as much as can of the foods that will help you get that amazing body you want to have for your first date. Stay away though from those who can turn your big date to an epic failure and will leave you regretful.

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